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In with the new

New. That word has seemed to resonate with me a lot lately.

New is graduating college and experiencing life without school for the first time since I was three.
New is starting a new job in a new community I’ve never set foot in before.
New is adjusting to working 40 hours a week.
New is having a regular bedtime, even if I have trouble sticking to it.
New is learning how to grocery shop and prepare food for my long days at work.
New is driving 130 miles round trip to work every day.
New is working with a brand new set of people in a different workplace.
New is looking for a new car and figuring out future living arrangements.
New is learning about health care benefits and enrolling in my 401k.
New is becoming an adult and adjusting accordingly.
New is my current way of life.

Gone are my days at Oakland University, the place I called home for the last four years of my life. No longer do I work as a staff member of The Oakland Post, the student newspaper that I devoted my entire being to for the last three years. And scant are my appearances at Biggby Coffee, the local coffee shop I could always be found at.

Out with the old and in with the new.

When I graduated from Oakland on April 27, I had a plan. I was fortunate enough to have a job lined up and I couldn’t wait to start. On my first day, a mere day after I walked across the stage of the O’rena and shook hands with the president of my university, I experienced a lot of new. And I loved every minute of it.

I currently work as the editor of two newspapers in Washtenaw County — the Chelsea Standard and Dexter Leader. They’re part of the Heritage Media Group, a company under 21st Century Media (formerly Journal Register Co.)

I work with one reporter and put together both issues every week. I utilize social media and paginate the pages. I write editorials. I make videos. And most of all, I work with a group of people who are similar to me — we have the determination to excel.

My days may be long, but they’re independent and quiet — and they’re exactly what I want.

It been a month since I’ve started my job and I’m anxious to see where I end up.

It may be out with the old, but I love the new.


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One thought on “In with the new

  1. very nice nichole

    Posted by judy | June 28, 2013, 7:16 pm

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